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Hand-on The Square Case Panerai Ferrari Chronogrpah Limited Edition Replica Watch


For almost 60 years the name of Ferrari glows like a star in the universe of the sports cars. The performance, the technology and the design, all came in the first place when we speak about Ferrari Maranello and that it can create any surprise that this car has became remarkable competitions, and also the famous 12 cylinders, are real music for the fans. Also for the fans that look greatly in the Houte Horlogerie a comparable pleasure is the one given by the sound of little but performance engines that gives life to the Officine Panerai replica watches , another great piece of engineering in the technical way, in an innovation that is characteristically for Italy.  And because the two firms shares the creations of Italian people and technically skills they merge to create a unique partnership named the Ferrari Engineered by Officine Panerai watches.

Panerai Ferrari Chronograph replica watch

Panerai Ferrari Chronograph replica watch

It al begins with a very complete study program to analyze the cars and the tradition from all over the victories that the cars encountered, a study of one of the famous cars in the world.It was an ambitious project from the Officine engineers because it was not just a simple problem to reproduce some details on the current models, or to change the logo that was found on the standard glass.

The materials and the interior designs but also the engines designs together with the aerodynamics and aggressive lines from the body of the Ferrari cars, created by the manufacturers Touring and Scaglietti, where the inspiration source for the design of the new watches that begins from zero. Those mens fake Panerai Ferrari watches are profoundly change in comparation with previous designs form the Officine Panerai but still respect the strong character of the company.

But Panarai encountered a great success and with this special edition that brings new designs for 2008 just the same like the Maranello model are the Panarai Chronograph Pink Gold 45 millimeters that came only in 50 pieces that almost duplicates the 12 cylinders engine that was created by Enzo Ferrari.

Panerai Ferrari Chronograph watches

Panerai Ferrari Chronograph watches

The square case with round corners has a diagonally of 45 millimeters and has for designs, aerodynamic lines that bring back the memories of many taken curves from almost every period in the existence of Ferrari. To bring a special look at the end of the project the design is polished.

There are two chronograph pieces that we can push and a crown as their “home”, and so given we can say that all of the elements are screwed to make the operation more easy, a model took from the details of the Ferrari cars.

The crown has another special characteristic: it can be closed with a locker that looks like a sword so the symbol of Ferrari can always remain in the vertical positioned. The front side is graved with sapphire crystal that is hold down by 12 screws that are made from titanium.

A history soul, that in those times, for a model that doesn’t have all the characteristics of rehabilitation, toughness and resistance of a modern Panerai Ferrari Chronogrpah Limited Edition replica watch, that includes a water resistance module to 100 meters.

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