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Bund straps were initially invented for use by German pilots during World War II to prevent the watch cases from freezing or searing the wearer’s skin in high altitudes or in case of a cockpit fire. In addition to supplying still another link to history, this style of strap also perfectly matches a bronze watch to prevent oxidization turning the wearer’s skin green, though Hublot Watches 2015 Price Replica have catered to people wishing to replace the strap with a non-Bund option by fabricating the caseback from ceramic. A second strap (not pictured) is also included and easily accessible thanks to Hublot’s “One Click” attachment system, which delivers a slightly dressier look in “altsalzburg” (black-brown) coloured deer leather with walnut leaf embroidery. The buckle is made from black PVD titanium with a brushed bronze deployant clasp insert, giving a modern touch to an otherwise old-world aesthetic.The size of this Hublot Big Bang Bavaria will be a sticking point for some. Hublot’s Big Bang watches wear quite big with their 45mm cases, and the Bund design strap makes this model appear even bigger on the wrist. That being said, the bull leather being used here has been thoroughly hand-worked by the craftsmen at Meindl to attain a velvety soft texture and help it wear more smoothly. This piece also offers a strong vintage vibe and a true connection with Bavarian history, which should appeal to fans of German culture or anyone seeking to accessorize their Lederhosen into the extreme for Oktoberfest or some Bavarian-themed event. The Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is currently being offered at a limited edition run of 100 pieces, with a price of $27,900.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT is a straightforward travel watch with no bells and whistles, despite the elaborately mechanical looking aesthetic that’s typical of the brand.

Two time zones are displayed legibly: local time is indicated by the main hands, while an arrow-tipped hand points to home time. And a day and night indicator in the centre of the dial works in conjunction with the home time.

Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT 3

Two pushers in the case are used to set local time, the button at two o’clock advances the local time hour hand by an hour, while that at four o’clock moves it back by the same.

The Big Bang Unico GMT is available in either titanium or carbon fibre reinforced polymer, both being 45mm in diameter, the standard size for the Big Bang.

Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT 2

Inside is the HUB 1251, a variant of the versatile UNICO in-house movement that Hublot uses across its collection, with various complications added, most frequently as a chronograph.

Price and availability 

The Big Bang Unico GMT Titanium (ref. 471.NX.7112.RX) costs €19,600 or US$19,900.

And the Big Bang Unico GMT Carbon (ref. 471.QX.7127.RX) is priced at €22,700 or US$23,100.


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