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The Meccano-Inspired Hublot MECA-10 Goes Upscale in Magic Gold Replica At Lowest Price


Bund straps were originally invented to be used by German pilots during World War II to avoid the watch examples from freezing or searing the wearer’s skin in high altitudes or in case of a cockpit fire. In addition to supplying still another link to history, this style of strap also perfectly matches a bronze watch to prevent oxidization turning the wearer’s own skin green, although Hublot Watches For Men Replica have catered to those wanting to replace the strap with a non-Bund alternative by manufacturing the caseback from ceramic. A second strap (not pictured) is also contained and easily accessible thanks to Hublot’s “One Click” attachment method, which offers a slightly dressier appearance in “altsalzburg” (black-brown) colored deer leather with oak leaf embroidery. The buckle is made of black PVD titanium with a brushed bronze deployant clasp insert, giving a contemporary touch to an otherwise old-world aesthetic.The size of the Hublot Big Bang Bavaria will be a sticking point for some. Hublot’s Big Bang watches wear very big with their 45mm cases, and also the Bund design strap makes this model appear even larger on the wrist. That being said, the bull leather being used here was meticulously hand-worked by the anglers in Meindl to achieve a velvety soft feel and help it wear more smoothly. This bit also provides a strong vintage vibe and a real connection with Bavarian history, which should appeal to fans of German civilization or anybody seeking to emphasise their Lederhosen into the extreme for Oktoberfest or any Bavarian-themed occasion. The Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is being provided in a limited edition run of 100 pieces, with a price of $27,900.

With a movement design inspired by Meccano, the children’s construction toy comprised of metal strips, the Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 is functionally simple but unusually constructed.

Originally introduced in titanium or black ceramic, the MECA-10 is now available in Magic Gold, the the gold alloy proprietary to Hublot Watches Diver 4000m Replica that’s actually a composite of gold and ceramic. This gives the material the approximate colour of gold – though Magic Gold recognisably different from regular yellow gold – but a surface hardness of almost 1000 Vickers, some eight times that of ordinary 18k gold.

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold 2

While the case material has changed, the 45mm diameter remains the same, as does the case design and construction. Typical of Hublot, the case is a metal sandwich – gold for the bezel, as well as top and bottom plate, with a black carbon fibre composite in between.

The MECA-10 is powered by the HUB1201, a hand-wound movement with a 10-day power reserve. Beyond the lengthy 240-hour autonomy, what makes the MECA-10 unusual is the rack-driven power reserve indicator that’s visible on the front.

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 movement 1

A rack and pinion system – the rack is visible on a horizontal track from one to 11 o’clock on the dial – drives a series of gears that show the days of power reserve remaining on the sub-dial at six o’clock. A secondary indicator sits at four o’clock, with a red spot appearing in the indicator for the last 48 hours of power reserve.

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 movement 3

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 movement 4

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 movement 2

Most of the movement is revealed, in fact, with both the front and back being skeletonised. On the front the balance wheel can be seen at eight o’clock, while on the rear the two large mainsprings are visible inside skeletonised barrels. The three prominent horizontal bridges on the back feature circular perforations, replicating the look of the metal strips of a Meccano set.

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 HUB1201

Price and availability 

The Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold (ref. 414.MX.1138.RX) is a limited edition of 200 pieces, available starting mid-January 2017 and priced at SFr32,900, or about US$32,100. The price is indicative and subject to change.


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