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Angular Momentum produces a lot of art watches and I find this one very interesting. It comes in a large 49mm wide Damascus steel case. This is a distinctive sort of folded steel that, when polished, shows wonderful designs. This sort of Damascus steel has what is known as a “Scandinavian Bluetongue” pattern. This is not merely a design set on the steel, the layout is a component of the metal. Nothing fancy, but Angular Momentum spent a great deal of time incorporating perlage polish to the motion surfaces. While there is a bit of Cotes de Geneve on the automatic rotor, it seems, for the most part, nude. Overall the timepiece is interesting. Perhaps not keen for everyday wear, but artistic and certainly statement.This Halloween I’d love to present you with two creepy watches from Angular Momentum. Creepy yes, but at a more subtle “Swiss way.” The one which creeps me out most is that the “Little Devil” watch – with images of a maniacal looking infant laughing over hell flame. But let’s return to the “phenakistoscope” part of the name. The hell is that you ask? Well this was a part of early animation. You’d take some type of cylinder or ring, and place images on it that if seen at a quickly moving sequence, would seem to the eye to maneuver. Please note that unless this watch is functioning horribly incorrect, the disc with all the successive images won’t move quickly enough for you to observe the cartoon. Instead, it is a wrist watch style homage of these early forms of animated entertainment.The disk moves round the dial once every 12 hours – slowest animation! The watches are every 40mm broad in steel “time gallery” style Angular Momentum cases.

  • This is another artful creation from Angular Momentum that’s captured my attention. Using exquisite Damascus steel, the La Boulle Classic Damascus watch combines the exceptional type of alloy work with Angular Momentum’s typical disc display dial and case. The dial is only minimalistic. There is a line put on the window so you can read the moment. The disk moves once round the dial every 12 hours. It might not be the most exact manner of studying the moment, but it will give way to a world of possibilities when it comes to everything to do with the rest of the dial. Sometimes, Angular Momentum dresses up the dial with verre églomis painting on the rear of the sapphire crystal. At times, you simply have a watch style where the case and dial collectively make for an artistic statement. An art watch versus a typical watch> Or a fashion watch for this issue? For me, an artwork watch is more interested in creating an artistic statement. It is not attempting to bolster your outfit like a style watch, nor is it necessarily interested in being a precise instrument just like a standard watch is. It is a machine that tells the time and is meant to be visually interesting. Whether you like a given artwork opinion or not is another story. As it is with art, they are produced by an artist frequently for your artist. Not especially meant for broad appeal. Enjoying an art watch is a really personal experience and it takes the ideal sort of individual to invest in one.

  • The watches begin with a automatic mechanical movement inside of a 42mm black colored case. Being in the Verre Èglomisé collection, the zodiac symbol is applied on the rear of the sapphire crystal with palladium. Then diamonds are applied to represent the exact place of the stars which constitute the comparative constellations. Lastly, the empty spaces on the rear of the crystal are filled in with black enamel. The picture of this constellation is wealthy and silvery as implemented with the palladium. Lastly, you have the crescent moon cutaway where you are able to the disk of time.Angular Momentum Asks “Whats Your Sign? ,” With The New Orbis Signifier Collection Of Watches Watch Releases The moon cutaway is one of the greatest aspects of this Orbis Signifier collection. Maybe not ‘into the moment’ precision, but fairly good. I really adore the implementation of the thought, and depending on the orientation and zodiac picture on the watch, the moon is placed in a different place. Without attempting to state the obvious, the twelve watches at the Orbis Signifier Collection include: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, and Pisces. Each watch is unique and the entire collection together is actually lovely. Expect prices to be fair at a couple million bucks. Another nice offering from Angular Momentum that’s well worth taking a peek at.

  • It is possible to disagree with me but I believe that watches containing hand-painted dials are fairly cool. Especially when the dials depict actually masculine things like dragons. Most of these watches seem to function as flowers, fairies, or family portraits. I can dig these. Not on a daily basis, but I can dig these fairly well.Angular Momentum isn’t a stranger to whiten enamel dials. I am quite certain that such is their current bread-and-butter. This new set called the 9 Dragons Collection has nine distinct watches each with a unique style of dragon on the dials. Each dial is done in a “Verre Eglomise” miniature painting, using a small opening cut into them offering a view to a time disc. Telling time this manner is not super precise, but offers a surprisingly clear and easy means of showing the time using a disc going along a time-indicating needle.My favourite part of the collection is that the watches depict several types of dragon styles. There are Asiatic, European, and modern fantasy style dragons (well all dragons are all dream.) Angular Momentum is pretty apparent that these are intended to sell in the Chinese marketplace, but I think more than just Asian customers can enjoy these.The dials themselves are 30mm wide and put into 38mm wide 18k rose gold cases. There is a black onyx cabochon in the crown. I have observed watches having this type of dial decoration and painting before and they’re quite impressive. The colours actually come out and the detailing is very impressive.Inside the watch is an “historic” FHF 96 manually wound mechanical motion. These are pretty basic movements and I feel that the collection would have been better off with automatic movements. A wonderful screen back and forth movement would be wonderful to see. Overall genuinely impressive though just if you prefer the dragon themes. Costs for these watches are $40,000 each.

  • This is a pretty amazing new timepiece from Angular Momentum. Even in case you have no idea what Il Moretto (aka “moretto Veneziano”), or even a Morcic figure is, this is a fairly substantial departure from the typical luxury watch. Let us go back in time for a moment a couple of hundred years into Italy and Croatia to understand the development of this emblem. A Morcic is a bust amount of a Moor. The characters consistently have Caucasian features with dark skin, and are dressed while sporting a turban headdress. The idea of the figure was to be “exotic,” and was typically used a good luck charm. Sailors started to possess Il Moretto figurines as earrings or pendants as a ward against pirates (mostly Turkish) , that regularly plagued sailors who sailed along the African coast and in the Mediterranean sea.Angular Momentum Il Moretto Watch: Historical Talisman Timepiece Watch Releases While the figure’s face doesn’t have a specific analog, it obviously has influence from African, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultures 0 but is assumed to be a Moor. Today such figures are rarely created due to being contentious in look, but are still manufactured in small amount in parts of Italy (mostly Venice) and Croatia. The historic importance of the character seems to be based on Moorish mercenaries that fought alongside the Italians during conflicts with the moors. This combined with all the exoticism made for very good charms. Today, only a handful of all craftspeople in Croatia and Italy still produce Morcic jewellery, but the icon remains a portion of a local culture.

  • Details

    Basic Info

    Brand Angular Momentum
    Chrono24-ID 1ipjp6
    Code 3002
    Movement Manual winding
    Case material White gold
    Condition 0 (unworn)
      With box
      With papers
    Location Germany, Bernau am Chiemsee
    Price 53,910 € (= $67,785)
    Availability On request


    Movement Manual winding
    Movement/Caliber FHF 96 Historical caliber
    Number of jewels 17
    Frequency 18000 A/h


    Case material White gold
    Case diameter 45,80 mm
    Glass Sapphire Glass
    Dial numerals Roman numerals


    Clasp Buckle
    Clasp material Steel

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    Auch optional in Edelstahlgehäuse lieferbar. Preis: 31.450 EUR

    Always made in stainless steel for 31.450 EUR

    Allegories of Art (Méters d’Art Miniature Painting)

    Double Verre Èglomisè – Unique Piece

    Two-body 18 Kt. white gold, mirror polished with stepped and structured bezel, hand-winding crown with black cabochon Onyx, decorated historical hand-winding movement, caliber Fontainmelon 96 18’000 A/h, 17 jewels, hcase caliber 45.80 mm.

    Verre Èglomisè miniature painting on the reverse of the sapphire crystal, featuring a 18th Century painting of “Allegory of Painting” by François Boucher

    18 Kt. gold framed aperture for the revolving-hours „à Souscription“at 6 o‘clock.

    A second Verre Èglomisè work on the reverse of the large back sapphire glass, featuring another painting by Boucher “Allegory of Music”

    Verre Eglomisé is a term used to describe the art of cold painting and gilding on the reverse of glass. in 2004, Boucheron 4 Parfum Replica OrologiMomentum has developed a technique of painting on the reverse of the sapphire crystal or sapphire dial of a timepiece. The technique is that of arranging finely calibrated color pigments in special oil. Angular Momentum is the only company in the world applying this exclusive and rare art.

    Completely hand made on demand in the atelier of Angular Momentum & Manu Propria in Bern, Switzerland

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