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Cheap Fake Vintage Panerai Luminor Ref.3464 Transitional Radiomir Dial Replica Watches


On their wrists, they wore the oversized, precise and highly luminescent watches provided by Ocine Panerai Luminor Ref.3464 Transitional replica watches . These were extraordinary military watches with a unique aesthetic, manufactured to Panerai’s specications by Rolex.

PANERAI Luminor REF. 3646

PANERAI Luminor REF. 3646 “TRANSITIONAL” replica

Officine Panerai’s history can be traced back to 1860, when it was the exclusive supplier of high- precision instruments to the Regia Marina (Royal Italian Navy) through the 1900s.
Riding on submersible torpedoes, the commandos, or “frogmen”, of the Decima Flottiglia MAS were the protagonists of epic endeavors during World War II.

Luminor Panerai Ref.3646 replica watch

Luminor Panerai Ref.3646 replica watch

Initially, Panerai used copious amounts of radium for the large, highly luminous hour markers on their dials – the inspiration for the name of their rst Luminor Panerai copy wristwatch model: Radiomir. In 1949, Panerai patented a new self-luminous substance based on tritium, registered under the “Luminor” trademark. Inscribed with ‘I’ and ‘Matr No. 11’, this military watch is fitted with an original, transparent, screw-down case back. Inside and visible through the caseback is a high-grade Angelus 8-day caliber, with subsidiary seconds at 9 o’clock, manufactured in June 1961 as indicated underneath the balance wheel. Bearing the iconic features that make a Panerai recognizable at first glance, an expert eye will quickly identify the uniqueness of this unusual piece, which is believed to be a rare prototype or transitional model.

Panerai Luminor Ref.3464 Radiomir replica watch

Panerai Luminor Ref.3464 Radiomir replica watch

Fitted with a screw-down Oyster crown, the case was most certainly manufactured by Rolex. The gray-colored Luminor-style case is extraordinary, with four separate lugs soldered into the case, giving it unique and highly attractive aesthetic amongst all Panerai watches.  It is our belief that this watch was possibly created for presentation purposes, along with another similar example that now resides at the Panerai Museum in Florence, Italy. Besides the present watch and the example owned by the Panerai Museum only three further “Transitional 3646” are known today. With its large diameter case, iconic Luminor Marina sandwich dial, and distinctive prototype case, the present lot offers an extraordinary opportunity for collectors of rare and unusual military Panerai replica watches.

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