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The Perennial Design Harry Winston Opus X Power Reserve Mechanical Watch OPUMTZ46WW001


The Perennial Harry Winston Opus X replica watch , a collaboration with Jean-François Mojon, is all about the display of time. They eye is instantly drawn to the unfamiliar arrangement of discs that are in constant rotation around a central axis that indicates a second time zone over 24 hours.This linear power reserve dominates the case back, indicating the remaining reserve of the 72-hour power reserve of this manually wound piece.

Opus X is inspired by the planetary movements that are at the very heart of our system for telling the time. Housed in a white gold case with a generous 46mm diameter and without a bezel, the watch looks even bigger than it actually is and the inclined position of the individual discs, which follow the curvature of the sapphire crystal, offer a great perception of depth to the piece.
The case back is dominated by an incongruity, with an unusual linear power reserve indicator contrasting starkly with the circular movement seen on the front.

The Perennial Design Harry Winston Opus X Power Reserve Mechanical Watch OPUMTZ46WW001

The Perennial Design Harry Winston Opus X Power Reserve Mechanical Watch OPUMTZ46WW001

A separate retrograde five-minute hand in the centre of the dial serves as a countdown to the change of the minute function at each station, while the top of the hour triggers a veritable mechanical ballet as the blue face of every hour hand in succession is momentarily revealed until the next hour is reached. This animation is powered by an additional barrel to the one used to power the movement, both of which have a 45-hour power reserve. A separate transmission system had to be devised to connect the crown at 3 o’clock with the winding stem, which is positioned at the base of the outstanding fake Harry Winston Opus X  Mechanical watch.

Opus 12 has a form of time indication that at first glance appears to conform to the usual stereotype. But on closer inspection its operation, which is directly inspired by the Copernican laws of our solar system, is exceedingly complex. Firstly, the hands do not radiate out from a central axis, they point inwards from the circumference of the dial to the centre of time. Secondly, they do not sweep around the dial. They actually take the form of 12 independent stations, each consisting of a longer section to indicate the minutes and a shorter section for the hours. The hour “hand” revolves about its own axis, whereas the minute “hand” orbits the hour hand, just as the Earth orbits the sun. Each has a blued side that is activated at the corresponding hour or minute to display the correct time.

To highlight the technical look of the Opus 12, a shot-blasting decoration was used on the mainplate and bridges, which have not been chamfered as would be expected of a more traditional timepiece. The design tributes to distinctive copy Harry Winston  take the most subtle of forms, with the signature arch of the brand’s store on Fifth Avenue discreetly featured on the case back and the unique “hand” of the display evocative of the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

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