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Top Grade Impressive Laboratory Panerai luminor LAB-ID PAM700 Replica Watch


As said, the Panerai luminor LAB-ID PAM700 replica watch is a summary of all the research and development done by the brand, merged in a single watch. Case construction, materials, use of space-like technologies, redefinition of the concept of frictions and lubrication, reduction of the numbers of jewels to what is usually found in a quartz watch, innovating coatings everywhere…

Panerai watches are mostly developed and manufactured in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Yet, this doesn’t remove anything to the interest behind this watch, a piece that sums up everything the Florentine brand can do best in terms of technology and movement design. Clearly, the teams of Panerai are both proud and extremely confident in this new concept. Listen to that: they advertise this watch as guaranteed for 50 years. This is 10 times more than the best deals you can usually find in the industry. Or the concept is really perfectly achieved and reliable, or they will have a few after-sales issues. That is a question we just can’t answer now. Time will tell, and we wish time will make Panerai right.

Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 replica watch

Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 replica watch

On paper, this Swiss-made fake Panerai PAM700 watch could simply kill the idea of servicing a watch. Sounds promising. The main reason why a watch has to be serviced is because a traditional movement relies on lubricants placed on frictions points. Yes, there are frictions in a watch and because oils and greases will age, they need to be replaced otherwise you create wear on moving parts and axles of bridges and plates. Basically, Panerai gets rid of the maintenance by avoiding the need of lubricants. Yes, nice, highly interesting, but how?

However, this is done directly by the material of the bridges and its inherent properties, not by an additional substance that will need to be change. And that also mean that jewels, which are used on friction points, are not required anymore either. This is why this Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 only has 4 jewels – and 2 of them, on each side of the balance pivot, are coated with DLC, avoiding the need to lubricate the Incabloc anti-shock device.

To avoid the need of lubricants, Panerai introduces on the LAB-ID PAM700 some new bridges and plates manufactured in a low friction composite which integrates a Tantalum based ceramic. This new generation of composite is notable for its high percentage of carbon which minimises pivot friction. If this means that no additional lubricants are required, it doesn’t mean that lubrication is not needed anymore.

Then, there’s the escapement, the most crucial part of a watch, as the one making the most efforts (here oscillating 3 times per seconds). No lubricants here either. The escape wheel is silicon, coated with DLC, and all the other parts of the regulating organ are also manufacture in silicon (which means antimagnetic properties on top of that). The base movement yet is know, as it is the 3-day power reserve, manually-wound P.3001. Being a non-traditional movement, don’t expect manual finishing on the bridges and plate, yet the wheels and moving parts are traditionally decorated. Finally, the two spring barrels have a multi-layer coating, the uppermost one being DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), and thus being dry lubricated. All of that create a watch that, on paper, won’t require to be opened as no oils will need to be changed.

Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 watch replica

Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 watch replica

If these technologies prove to be not only true on paper but in the reality of a daily use and if the watch really prove to be reliable over the years, these innovations could well be seen later, in more conventionally produced watches.

Overall, the Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 copy watch is an impressive laboratory watch, which could easily prefigure the future of watches and movement durability.

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