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The Typical Panerai Luminor Base Acciaio PAM00112 Copy Watch UK


Now, we cannot really mention the mens fake Panerai PAM 112 Luminor Base Acciaio watch without mentioning the 111, which is basically the same watch except that it has a Luminor Marina dial.

The 112 has an exhibition caseback, exposing Panerai’s manually wound OP X Caliber movement. Now, this movement is based on the workhorse ETA Unitas movement and is not, technically, in-house. What watch snobs won’t get, is spending thousands of dollars on a Unitas movement when you can buy one in a $600 watch. My response? First of all, THIS version of the Unitas is HIGHLY modified by Panerai and made to the absolute highest levels of quality. It is simple, solid, reliable, easy to service and quite accurate. It is also somewhat true to Panerai history. The bad news is that Panerai are phasing out these movements in favour of new in-house movements such as P.5000. More on that later. But soon, you won’t be able to find a new 112.The very earliest Swiss-made Panerai copy watches used Rolex pocket watch movements. So the idea of taking a big pocket watch movement (such as the Unitas) and sticking it inside a Panerai case is quite authentic and gives the 112 a traditional Panerai feel.

Panerai PAM00112 Luminor Base Acciaio watch replica

Panerai PAM00112 Luminor Base Acciaio watch replica

To me, this is the most iconic Panerai and definitely the one to have. The ‘base’ dial has two hands, 4 cardinal numerals and no seconds hand. This gives a gorgeous, simple, clean and typically Panerai look. The 112 also has a sandwich dial, which is such an important feature for a PAM. A sandwich dial has two layers — the bottom layer is the luminous stuff and the top layer has the numerals cut out, exposing the lume underneath.

If your first Panerai was not a 112 or a 111, then one of these two pieces must be at the top of your list for PAM number 2. The biggest mistake I ever made as a collector was NOT buying a 112 when I had one in my hands at my local AD. I have regretted it ever since.

The difference is that a Luminor Marina has a small seconds hand. I much prefer the base dial, but in real life, the seconds hand is extremely useful. I use it to track the accuracy of the steel case Panerai PAM 112 replica watch and also to time steaks on the Barbecue.

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